LACT Units

LACT Units

LACT Units that Integrate Seamlessly

LACT units are one of the most critical pieces of equipment in the oil patch – analyzing, measuring and recording unattended oil and gas transactions from the seller to the buyer. These units are found throughout the oil and gas custody transfer process, and ReadyFlo builds custom integrated LACT units for multiple applications.

Because we specialize in building large integrated systems, our LACT units can be designed with as many or as few custom options as desired, including:

  • Flow computers
  • PLC
  • Remote power
  • Emergency shut-down devices
  • LEL monitors
  • H2S monitors
  • Provers
  • Samplers

As is the case with all of our turnkey products – we engineer exactly to spec a fully configured and programmed LACT unit that integrates seamlessly with our customer’s existing programs and equipment.

Whether it’s creating a custom LACT unit connecting the well-head to a storage tank, or for specialized trucks that load and unload assets, we build units that help you mitigate risks stemming from custody transfers and royalty disputes. That’s the dedication and commitment our clients deserve, and it’s engineered into every unit we manufacture.